WARNING: There may be some spoilers in this rant, but honestly, if you aren’t up to date on GoT, what is even wrong with you? Look at your life, look at your choices.

OK. So I love watching Game of Thrones. Monday night in my household is pretty much sacred. My housemate was nearly kicked out of the house last week for forgetting to put the latest episode on the shared server.

BUT… something has been bothering me about this television show for quite some time, and the latest episode, was kind of the confirmation I’ve been hoping to never get. This confirmation has basically left me to ask this one question:

Why does every woman in Game of Thrones have no hair on their vagina?

Considering that GoT is a fantasy show, I am willing to suspend my disbelief and not question things too much. So when this scene happened (or any with Ros for that matter), it didn’t seem particularly out of place.

The well placed dragon in this scene meant that I didn’t have to rationalise why Dany would be sans hair down there.

I was even able to believe that Melisandre could have realistically had a preference for shaving, but that is probably because I spent this scene coming to terms with what she actually gave birth to (and what it means later in the story).

But then this happened in the latest episode. Osha, the Wildling, is seducing Theon Greyjoy and when she de-robes, she reveals another bald vagina to the GoT tally. She even says something about her knowing ‘wild things’ to seduce Theon, alluding to how different she was, you know, being a Wildling.

This one, was the worst. Why would Osha, a woman who lived south of the wall, and then is later held captive in the balmy tropics of Winterfell, have a shaved vagina? Isn’t she being held as some kind of slave?

The thing is, if women want to shave their vagina, it is their business, and maybe Osha prefers it that way. I also know that Game of Thrones is perceived to be written by and for 13 year old boys to masturbate too. But really, I know plenty of women (and adult men) who love watching this show too. I want to know why the creators of this show feel it necessary that pretty much every naked woman in this show has to have no hair on their vagina? Is it necessary to the plot development? Do they think about what this means and how it relates to their viewers?  I understand that this issue is probably not at the forefront of people’s minds when they think critically about Game of Thrones, but the constant superimposing of modern patriarchal standards of female beauty and sexuality onto medieval fantasy is kind of getting me down. Amirite?

By Renee ‘Moretti’ Jones