WARNING: There may be some spoilers in this rant, but honestly, if you aren’t up to date on GoT, what is even wrong with you? Look at your life, look at your choices.

OK. So I love watching Game of Thrones. Monday night in my household is pretty much sacred. My housemate was nearly kicked out of the house last week for forgetting to put the latest episode on the shared server.

BUT… something has been bothering me about this television show for quite some time, and the latest episode, was kind of the confirmation I’ve been hoping to never get. This confirmation has basically left me to ask this one question:

Why does every woman in Game of Thrones have no hair on their vagina?

Considering that GoT is a fantasy show, I am willing to suspend my disbelief and not question things too much. So when this scene happened (or any with Ros for that matter), it didn’t seem particularly out of place.

The well placed dragon in this scene meant that I didn’t have to rationalise why Dany would be sans hair down there.

I was even able to believe that Melisandre could have realistically had a preference for shaving, but that is probably because I spent this scene coming to terms with what she actually gave birth to (and what it means later in the story).

But then this happened in the latest episode. Osha, the Wildling, is seducing Theon Greyjoy and when she de-robes, she reveals another bald vagina to the GoT tally. She even says something about her knowing ‘wild things’ to seduce Theon, alluding to how different she was, you know, being a Wildling.

This one, was the worst. Why would Osha, a woman who lived south of the wall, and then is later held captive in the balmy tropics of Winterfell, have a shaved vagina? Isn’t she being held as some kind of slave?

The thing is, if women want to shave their vagina, it is their business, and maybe Osha prefers it that way. I also know that Game of Thrones is perceived to be written by and for 13 year old boys to masturbate too. But really, I know plenty of women (and adult men) who love watching this show too. I want to know why the creators of this show feel it necessary that pretty much every naked woman in this show has to have no hair on their vagina? Is it necessary to the plot development? Do they think about what this means and how it relates to their viewers?  I understand that this issue is probably not at the forefront of people’s minds when they think critically about Game of Thrones, but the constant superimposing of modern patriarchal standards of female beauty and sexuality onto medieval fantasy is kind of getting me down. Amirite?

By Renee ‘Moretti’ Jones



  1. Kimmi says:

    Those ideas go back to the greeks, who were very much down with suppressing sexuality in their nudes. Look at the David (yeah, that’s Renaissance) — his genitals are deliberately shrunken, as his hands are deliberately bigger. And to top it all off, genitals and hand span are correlated.

    If you want someplace that likes large genitals and lots of fur, I recommend Japan’s pillow books, and other representations of the floating world.

  2. Sandra says:

    Why do you honestly care? It’s not like they show directly between their legs and we get a good shot of a spread open vagina. There are PLENTY of mainstream hollywood movies and all kinds of series that show a huge number of dicks just swinging around, why does it matter if for once we get a little “vag” in a show? It’s nice for once to see some vag sans the “all natural vag covering”.. I think you’re just jealous. 😉

    • anuwomensdepartment says:

      I don’t care that there is ‘vag’ being shown in the series. I care that it seems like the creative forces on the show felt it necessary that every naked woman on the show was shaved. Why would I be jealous? That is absurd.

    • procrastamouse says:

      Yes, I often find myself jealous of other women’s shaved vags (what is the correct plural of vag, anyway?). If only there were some way I could recreate the look… But seriously, maybe a little mix of “vag covering” would be more accurate (well, as accurate as a fictional series can be), and allow people not to feel pressured into either shaving or not. It can get to a point where it could be considered that a vag is not attractive UNLESS it is shaved/waxed/removed by some other magic. Also, for me, male fixation on the hairless vag has a weird per-pubescent tinge to it. Please note: I am not in any way insinuating that all people who enjoy a shaved/waxed/etc vag are paedophiles.

      • Jessica says:

        I think people (not you) who promote this “pre-pubescent” stereotype have deep issues themselves. Of course, they never stop to think for a second and examine all of the recent shows which graphically display a ton of (completely) shaved penises swinging around in them either. I guess in their world, a “pre-pubescent” context only applies to men viewing women. A completely shaved penis would never be considered pre-pubescent if viewed by the wrong person, right?

        It’s a sad world we live in when: (1.) Men are all perceived as sexual deviants. (2.) Men are “privileged” and are never victims of anything. (3.) There’s no such thing as a female (or homosexual) pedophile/sexual deviant–only heterosexual males. (4.) The notion that all women are morally superior in the sight of male nudity. I guess these people would like us all to believe women don’t have eyes either.

        Either way, if a woman decides to shave herself completely, than it’s a choice she made; I see nothing “pre-pubescent” about it.

  3. Sosa says:

    I had the same path of reasoning and then conclusion based on episode as you. It is most likely that they didn’t tell anyone to have hair down there, so the actresses kept it as what is standard these days. Spartacus, on Starz, which is much more soft core porn than GoT got it right and kept it authentic for the times. Nothing shaved whatsoever.

    • Dino says:

      Why was STARS (Spartacus) and HBO so hostile to heterosexual males in the past? Anyone that’s ever watched Spartacus was obviously aware that the penis seems to pop up in every other scene. However, as soon as a female actress disrobed it was apparent that something was strange. Each woman was obviously wearing a patch of fake genital hair, which is called a “merkin” or a pubic wig, to conceal her vagina from being visible. To say it looked laughable is an understatement! In HD it literally looked as if someone (at the last minute) used scotch tape to put the thing in place! This took political correctness to another level! No problem with the male nudity, but why all the female nudity censorship? There were even some articles online about it. Most of the male actors are completely shaven of ALL body hair (even chest & leg hair!), but the females still had a nasty bush the size of Don Kings hair! I guess only the men knew what a razor was back in those days, LOL. When I view paintings and statues of nude females from this time period, I never see any pubic hair on them. They are always completely shaven. If the males shaved all their body hair back then, the females surely did. So stop saying that the females didn’t shave back then. Were you living in that time period? In the past, HBO & STARS would claim to be so willing to break new ground. They would show the most graphic violence and male nudity imaginable. But, if a woman gets nude they cry foul and censor the vagina with a genital wig! Really? These prudes had a double standard when it comes to full frontal nudity. Always willing to show a penis, but NEVER a vagina. These liberal anti-male prudes just wanted to show the same old tired female breast shots or very rarely a lame censored (with fake hair) bush shot. Good! I’m glad HBO has now become more open minded and has the guts to be fair to us heterosexual males! It’s about time we guys are treated fair and get to see some “full” female nudity for a change! I’m tired of all the lame boring PG rated boob/ butt shots! Thanks to you all for letting me know about the uncensored female nudity! I will be re-subscribing to HBO tomorrow! I cancelled HBO years ago because of the the double standard when it came to male and female genital nudity.

  4. Jessica says:

    A little late, but I still wanted to post a response to this…

    I understand your rant, but come on, there’s tons of penis being shown in just about everything today. The show Spartacus (on Starz) is a good example, almost EVERY penis shot is shown as completely shaven while all (full-frontal) female nudity isn’t and it never shows any part of the Vulva.

    You’re entitled to your opinion and rant, buy you hardly have the right to complain about it, especially since the showing of any part of the Vulva (outside of porn) is virtually non-existent; yet the up close and clinical display–in most cases–of the penis is in just about every R-rated comedy and Cable TV show now-a-days. …Or, are you conveniently overlooking this fact?

    Sorry ladies, we can’t have our cake and eat it too. If male genitals are going to be shown in just about everything today, then it’s only fair that a female’s genitals be shown as well.

    On a side note, I think your comment, …..“I also know that Game of Thrones is perceived to be written by and for 13 year old boys to masturbate too.”….. is about the most sexist and obnoxious thing I’ve read in this rant. If you want to make a point, try doing so without insulting and attacking men.

    @ Sosa …..“Spartacus, on Starz, which is much more soft core porn than GoT got it right and kept it authentic for the times. Nothing shaved whatsoever.”…..

    Wrong, I don’t know what version of show you’re watching, but all of the male slaves are completely shaven in this show while the female slaves are not. Historically, hair was considered to be unattractive on a Roman woman; therefore, all roman women (including female slaves) shaved themselves completely! So no, they did not get this right.

    • thebitingfaery says:

      “On a side note, I think your comment, …..“I also know that Game of Thrones is perceived to be written by and for 13 year old boys to masturbate too.”….. is about the most sexist and obnoxious thing I’ve read in this rant. If you want to make a point, try doing so without insulting and attacking men.”

      Thank you for making that point for me. I wonder if Renee has read A Song Of Ice And Fire; I’m 25 and have struggled to get through them in the past, and I started reading them when I was 15. It’s rather a heavy read for it to be so disrespectfully boiled down to “perceived to be written by and for 13 year old boys to masturbate too.”

      • anuwomensdepartment says:

        Just putting it out there:

        This rant was about the HBO show Game of Thrones, which is why I call it Game of Thrones and spend the entire time talking about the decision to have the women in the series shaved. Otherwise I would have called it A Song of Ice and Fire.

        Also, I said the show is perceived to be written for and made by 13 yr old masturbating boys. This is not an opinion I have personally. I love this show and I love A Song of Ice and Fire series. I watch it with both women and men. I was referencing a common joke which was made by SNL quite recently at the time of writing the rant.

    • 'Patriachal male bastard' says:

      Very well said, and furthermore it’s to, not too. You’d think an ANU academic would get this right. Or do correct spelling and proof reading just get in the way of a righteous PC wimmin’s rant?

  5. John in Exile says:

    In many shows on cable channels, the type of nudity and/or sex acts featuring males would be considered hardcore porn if the reverse where true. While certainly female nudity has been much prevalent until recently, they almost never show a full vagina in any mainstream film.or TV show.

    Not sure what was the purpose of “the show is written for 13-year-old males to masturbate to”. If that is the case why do you like it? It would be like me saying “Sex and City is written so women can stay home and use the vibrator”. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that were the case. But the implications is…

    Male masturbation – bad, dirty

    Female masturbation – female empowerment

    • X says:

      Coming to this blog post rather late, but thank god (the old gods and the new) that somebody has taken up the issue of the “King’s Landing Strip,” as it were. Given the amount of public hair in even, say, the 1970s (as compared to now), I think it’s safe to say that shaven vulvas were unusual among the “common people” in the times of chain-mail and parchment, in Northern Europe, at least. Where it is known to be quite cold. Another example of a ridiculous, fundamentally misogynist representation of women in the media. I expected more of HBO (though I probably shouldn’t have).

      Also, why do people on this thread insist on referring to public hair as if it is some kind of “censoring” of a “naked” vagina? If this is some effort to be “egalitarian” or “fair” — think about what you’re suggesting. Who does a shaved-bare vag *really* appeal to? Could it be, oh, perhaps a largely male audience who expect to see women’s bodies as presented to them in porn? Thus reinscribing the myth of body hair on females as somehow inherently “wild,” or “unkempt”?

      I’m all for showing female full-frontal nudity. But “SHOWING” a female’s genitals means SHOWING a freaking bush. I’m sorry to disappoint those of you who have only encountered full-grown women with the body hair of a prepubescent girl.

      In this day and age, it is far more radical to dare to show a women’s public hair than it is to show a shaved labia.

  6. pokpok says:

    Hell, what about armpit hair? Leg hair? The representation of women’s bodies on this show is ridiculous.

  7. 'Patriachal male bastard' says:

    There is bush. One girl had a landing strip. A couple of the hookers have had bush, which as a non ‘ modern patriarchal ‘ man made me very happy. The fact that they were beautifully firm and curvaceous, even more so ! Love gorgeous luscious women 😉

  8. John D says:

    Better late than never. Lets just get a few facts in place shall we. GoT does not show female genitalia at all even though they do occasionally feature penises.

    It is completely appropriate for women in this show to be shaven. It is set in an imaginary world that most closely resembles medieval Europe. When men returned from the middle eastern crusades at the start of this period they bought back with them a taste for women free of pubic hair. This caught on in Europe at least among the well to do. (Interestingly the same was true of Roman times.)

    GoT avoids showing the vulva deliberately. (The vulva is the cleft that is visible without the adoption of porn like poses when an actress is shaven or at least trimmed.) They do this because there is a US code that prevents them from showing it and acheive the result through a mixture of subdued lighting, obtuse camera angles, makeup and selective blurring. So while there is more female nudity it is less graphic than the male nudity on show.

  9. John D says:

    Oh, so the comment I posted which countered your baseless anecdotal assertions with a bit of historical fact (see comment re effects of crusades on grooming habits of European medieval women) appears to have disappeared into the ether after it went for ‘moderation’. Guess I’m not surprised, you feminazis ‘never let the facts get in the way of a good story’. There is certainly a thing or two you could teach Machiavelli, I’ll give you that!

    Anyway, how’s the agenda going on getting women to grow back their pubic hair. Achieving as much success as getting them to burn their bras, grow their armpit hair and stop shaving their legs?

    Just wondering though, have you ever stopped to think about who you are aligning yourself to with your attempts to perpetuate the myth of the invisible vulva cleft. By denying its visibility aren’t you in a way denying its existence. The Christian Right and the patriarchs of ancient Greece have a lot in common with you. Like the Greek sculptures and the plaque on the Voyager aren’t you proclaiming to the universe a woman is really a “female eunuch”. There is an irony here don’t you think.

    • sawomens says:

      *Yawn* John D.
      Your statements aside (which are themselves highly questionable and woefully ignorant), your comment wasn’t read or approved until now so perhaps you should be more careful before calling anyone a ‘feminazi’.

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